Find Your Perfect Fit

1 Everest Curved End straps are tailor-made for specific Rolex, Tudor, and Panerai models. Before ordering, make sure that you've correctly identified your watch's model (reference) number and ensured it's listed under the "COMPATIBLE WITH THESE WATCHES" tab on the strap's product page.

2 If you're ordering a deployant strap -- those compatible with your watch's OEM clasp -- you'll need to determine which size to order. Don't worry: the process is quite simple.

1 Identify Your Watch

- If you know your watch's model number (not serial number), move on to Step 2: Size Your Strap

- If you don't know your watch's model number, you can find it on your warranty card.

- If you don't have your watch's warranty card, you may be able to find its model number on the case. Rolex model numbers are engraved in between the 12 o'clock lugs. Tudor model numbers are engraved on the back of the lugs. Panerai model numbers are engraved on the caseback.

- If you're still unnable to determine your watch's model number, take it to your nearest authorized retailer and ask them to identify it.

2 Identify Your Size

- Sizing your Everest Deployant strap is as simple as counting the links on your fitted bracelet. Follow the video above, and for more information, see the infographic below.


Be sure to count links on both the 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock sides. Do not count permanent links attached to buckle.

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