Where to Buy a Rolex Watch in London, England

Where to Buy a Rolex Watch in London, England

It’s no secret that buying a Rolex can be difficult, particularly at retail in a major city. If you’re looking to buy a current-production Rolex watch but refuse to pay resale markups, you’re not alone. For the first-ever blog on our UK site, let’s go over two choices when it comes to buying a Rolex in London, England. 

Some Context Around My Picks

It should be noted up top that I do not live in London, nor have I ever bought a watch in London. My recommendations are based on internet research and anecdotal input from friends. That said, I’m very familiar with the Rolex retail experience and (would like to think) I know what to look for. None of the included retailers have any idea I’m writing this article and obviously have not paid me to do so.

David M. Robinson

David M Robinson Canary Wharf

Image Source: Professional Jeweller

Throughout my forum hunting, the name David M. Robinson came up quite a bit. The jeweler and retailer has locations in Manchester, Liverpool, and London. The latter is located in Canary Wharf in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. 

Their London showroom is small in comparison to nearby ADs; for reference, they have just one private room. David M. Robinson makes up for its size with its customer service. By most accounts, the staff is very friendly and helpful. I’ve seen numerous reports of timely allocations with and without purchase histories. The location also acts as an official Rolex Service Center.

Along with Rolex, this location is an authorized retailer of Patek Philippe and Tudor. For an address, phone number, and additional info, visit David M. Robinson’s website.

Watches of Switzerland 

With 150 showrooms in the UK and 13 in London alone, the Watches of Switzerland (WOS) group makes up a large portion of Rolex ADs in the area. I won’t get into the weeds and examine all of these locations – I’d recommend visiting the one closest to you. You should have a similar experience at all of these boutiques as they’re all overseen by WOS. 

Watches of Switzerland Regent Street

Some of these locations are very large, namely their flagship location on Regent Street. If you’re concerned about receiving an allocation at such a high-traffic AD, I’ll remind you that larger ADs do receive more stock. Of course, you won’t be able to buy any Rolex you want, but it’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t pick an AD based on square footage. There’s a lot of luck (among other things) at play when buying a Rolex at retail.

Watches of Switzerland’s Regent Street, Oxford Street, and Old Bond Street locations are also official Rolex Service Centers. For addresses and additional info, visit Watches of Switzerland’s website.

Final Thoughts + A Few More Options

With more than 25 Rolex ADs in London, you have plenty of options. If you insist on an in-person retail experience and/or don’t want to buy pre-owned, I recommend visiting a few locations closest to you. Of course, London has a few Rolex-owned Bucherer locations, a couple more privately-owned ADs, and about 1 million pre-owned watch shops to visit. 

If you live in London or have experience buying a Rolex in the area, feel free to let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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Where to Buy a Rolex Watch in London, England
Where to Buy a Rolex Watch in London, England